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Choosing a Business School on Long Island

There are 19 colleges and universities on Long Island alone. They are all good schools, and anyone can benefit from them if they choose the right courses and stick with it. You also must remember that Long Island is in New York-one of the more liberal places in all of the United States. The schools in Long Island will likely have more to offer than if you went somewhere farther east, south or west.

If you are going to choose to go to a business school, where do you start? More often than not people go directly to the internet, because it has more information than any library could ever compare with. It's fast, accessible, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to find what it is you need.

Yet, being in the Long Island area, out of the 19 colleges and universities, only 15 or 16 of them are going to have business oriented courses. Still, 15 schools to research and go over is quite a bit. So we narrowed it down to those that have business courses, and graduate programs that go with it in you Long Island area:

Adelphi University offers Graduate Programs in Arts and Science, Psychological Studies, Business, Nursing, Education and Social Work

Briarcliffe College offers programs such as Leadership Excellence, IT certifications, Paralegal certificates, Legal Certificate Programs, Medical Billing, and Child Care management

C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University offers Graduate Programs in Information and Computer Science, Liberal Arts, Management, Education, Health Professions and Nursing, Visual and Performing Arts

Dowling College offers Graduate Programs in Arts and Science, Business, and Education

Hofstra University has a Graduate Program for everything they teach, Business is amongst them

Malloy College offers Graduate Programs in Business, Science, and graduate assistantships

St. Joseph's College offers Graduate Programs in MA/Infant Toddler Early Childhood Special Education, MS in Management, Executive MBA, Master of Science Degree with a Major in Nursing, and MA in Literacy and Cognition.

New York Institute of Technology offers Graduate Programs in Business Administration, (M.B.A.) Clinical Nutrition (M.S.), Communication Arts (M.A.), Computer Science (M.S.), Counseling (M.S.), Education Leadership and Technology (P.D.), Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.), Childhood Education (M.S.), Energy Management (M.S.), Environmental Technology (M.S.), Human Relations (M.P.S.) Human Resources Management and Labor Relations (M.S.), Information, Network and Computer Security (M.S.), Instructional Technology (M.S.), Occupational Therapy (M.S.), Physician Assistant (M.S.), Physical Therapy (D.P.T), Urban and Regional Design (M.Arch.)

Stony Brook has a Graduate School with degrees in several various areas of study. Like Hofstra, there is a graduate program for just about whatever you specialize in, including all areas of business

Farmingdale University offers Associates degrees in Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Business Administration, Nursing, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Automotive Engineering Technology, Dental Hygiene, Ornamental Horticulture, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Medical Laboratory Technology

Out of the several sites that were visited however, Stony Brook University's website excelled above and beyond all the rest. It was easy to use, with step by step processes and easy to understand keywords in big bold letters that took you where you wanted to go. So for everyone who isn't a master at all this college graduate stuff, Stony Brook University in Long Island is highly recommended.

The reason you should base some of your decision off a website is because if the school is willing to pay money to get a decent understandable website out there as to what they have to offer, they will probably be the same when you attend their school-they will put forth an effort to teach you. Hiring a competent web designer could mean they are competent people. This also means they care about you, in a way that they would give you only the best to look at and read if you are researching the business aspects of their school.

Business School can be tough because there is a large amount of people-more so than are not-that are going to college for the exact same thing you are. Studying Business is what gets you inside a company-where all the financial or advertising or selling takes place. America is a big business. So, play it smart and don't settle for less-get the best education you can, because that is what will put you on top in the end.

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